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Mike Johnson

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Mike Johnson

Postal Address:
3 Trafalgar Place, Lymington,

Hampshire, SO41 9BN. UK


+44 (0)1590 688899

Mobile No:
+44 (0)7801 623707

Mike Johnson - Articles

As a writer, Mike Johnson is one of the most prolific, succinct and timely authors on issues surrounding the World-of-Work, leadership, organisational development and other human-resource related topics. He has written extensively for publications in Europe, the United States and Asia.

This section of the web-site is designed to showcase some of his recent writing. While much of his writing is based on interviews and exchanges with organisational professionals, he has also developed a series of articles that provide a wry, humorous look at the worlds of work we inhabit today.

Searching for Leaders


Too Lean to be Mean

Knowledge Management


Tarmac Transfer Trauma

The Real Seat of Power!


When we get it BADLY Wrong

Taxing Questions


Queuing up at the T-Junction of Life

So what do they really know?


Learning from Academia

Istanbul, here I come


Dressing down is the new formal ware

Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along


Botox me up, Scotty!

Muddling through the ManCons


Extreme Compensation

Nurturing a new kind of Capital


Trailing Spouses

Indian Advice


Today's Workplace is about Flexibility

A Question of Leadership


Leadership & Talent Development in International Organizations

Leadership & Talent Development in International Organizations. Click here to open the article.
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The Worldwide Workplace: Solving the Global Talent Equation
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