Mike A Johnson - Consultant and Author

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Mike Johnson

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FutureWork Forum

Mike is the founder of the FutureWork Forum, an independent, international think-tank and consulting network of business professionals.

Founded in 2003, FutureWork Forum works with CEOs and HR Directors to help them anticipate the future of work... More info

Mike Johnson - Consultant & Author

Mike Johnson is a leading commentator, consultant and researcher on the Future of Work, Talent Management, Corporate Communications and How to Work as an Independent. He is the author of twelve books on business and management issues and a regular presenter on conferences around the globe. He has written several series of world-of-work studies for both The Economist and the Financial Times, as well as over 100 global and Europe-wide studies for international corporations and institutions.

Recent books include Winning the People Wars and Talent Magnet, both for the Financial Times and The New Rules of Engagement and The Independent Consultant’s Survival Guide for the CIPD. His latest book Starting up on Your Own: How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant or Freelance was published in November 2009 by the Financial Times.

Starting Up On Your Own

Starting Up On Your Own - 5 tips to becoming an entrepreneur! A powerful new way to get instant insider knowledge to help you develop a successful independent business. Click here to view the pilot modules for FREE!

Starting Up On Your Own - Kindle Edition

“Starting Up On Your Own” is now available in a Kindle Edition from Amazon. Click here to order your copy now.

The FutureWork Forum’s latest book - The Worldwide Workplace: as discussed here by the book's author Mike Johnson. Click here to order the book online now.

New Releases
The Worldwide Workplace
The Worldwide Workplace: Solving the Global Talent Equation
The world of work is transforming at a furious, unprecedented pace. Massive changes and shifts in demographics, employment, technology and economies make predicting tomorrow a tough task.

This book changes all that. Through interviews with many of the leading observers of the emerging world of work, The Worldwide Workplace gives readers a unique and practical understanding of how the workplace is changing and why we need to prepare for and capitalize on these changes.
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